Imagine: (It is reality!)

Imagine going to your very first acupuncture session filled with anxiety, fear of the unknown, needle phobia, and all your various aches and pains just for good measure. Now imagine entering a world filled with soft light, a gentle spirit, calming and peaceful surroundings. Add to this picture a practitioner who is both intuitive, well trained in her craft, caring, soothing, and attuned to your specific health needs and sensitivities.

All of your prior concerns are shed like a gentle rain rolling off oilcloth. You begin to be present in your body and become conscious of the important things in lifeā€¦. your slow easy breathing, the beat of your heart, the tension melting away, healing warmth, and increased focus on the energy that flows through your own body and into the universe.

Application of needles is hardly noticeable and you feel a sensation of connection as the energy flows from point to point within you opening up portals of sensation that have been blocked for years. Your body seems to float with a cloud-like lightness, allowing you to just be, and experience healing and balance. You are immersed in a healthy mindset as never before. Minutes become hours and hours seconds as you are surrounded and infused with your own life’s energy.

A gentle voice returns after a period of time and returns you softly to the external world, with a slight touch, gently removing needles from the points that acted as your portal to yourself and you realize that you have been allowed to tap into your amplified healing power and it feels incredible. Your lungs are clear and you breath easily, the pain is gone, your heart is joyful, beating rhythmically, and you realize you can move through your day able to deal with all life’s challenges.

You have found Life’s Balance through Teresa Sullivan as I have!

With Appreciation and Respect,

Jim Lytton


I am an avid runner and a nurse entrenched in western medicine. Several weeks ago I twisted my ankle while out running and had a severe sprain that should have taken me “out of commission” for at least 6 weeks. My ankle was twice normal size and my entire foot, including the bottom of my foot was bruised, and I couldn’t bear weight without significant pain. This all happened at the start of the spring running season and I was training for a half marathon, needless to say I was extremely depressed and frustrated. Teresa suggested acupuncture and despite my skepticism I was willing to try anything. After 4 treatments in 5 days the swelling in my ankle was almost completely gone and after 4 more treatments, (all in the first 2 weeks after injury), the bruising was gone and I was able to walk 3 miles with minimal pain. I am a total convert to the benefits of acupuncture and eastern medicine now!

Cindy K.


I started seeing Teresa Sullivan after winning a free consult with her at a networking event. I had never had acupuncture before, although I was familiar with what it was, at least in a general way, and honestly, was a bit nervous about it. Teresa immediately eased my fears. She’s very comfortable to work with and not at all intimidating. Our sessions have become the highlight of my month, when I get to share all kinds of fun new discoveries about my physical, emotional or energetic states. She’s interested in my whole being and very good at working with me, whether I have a physical complaint, or an energetic one.
Since I’ve begun working with Teresa, I’ve managed to get through a very stressful tax season feeling as though I’d supported rather than abused my body. And unlike in previous years, when it’s taken me months to recover from the abuse I’d heap on my body to get through it, this year, I came out of tax season energized and feeling strong after only a week of rest. The nagging physical pain from an old back injury is completely gone and I am feeling much more balanced and strong overall. Considering my emotional and physical states in years past, I am quite thrilled with acupuncture in general and Teresa in particular.
I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is either just starting acupuncture and nervous to take the plunge, or to anyone who is interested in a whole picture of physical, mental, emotional and energetic health. Teresa is a wonderful, caring guide I am so happy to have met!
My life’s path has taken me along some pretty body damaging activities. From being a bricklayer to working on large manufacturing equipment, to being at a computer for hours/days/years. Now that I’m a 53 year old fat woman, my body is giving out. I have mousing pain; back pain; neck and shoulder issues and more devastating are the “women’s conditions” that irritate all the other conditions.I’ve seen a Chiropractor for decades and he helps with structural alignment. But when I started seeing Teresa for acupuncture and herbs to treat me, the intense twinges subsided in my mousing arm and hand. My back seems to have opened up some and I feel like I can breath without pain. It helps to know that I don’t have to live with the pain, thinking “I’ll just push through”, that I can be open to a pain free life. – Jeeg S.